First Things First

It is so easy for a bride to get carried away and start the planning process by first doing the things she likes, instead of what makes the most sense. For example, there is no need to purchase your dress before securing your date and venue. I wanted to share some tips on prioritizing your time and your responsibilities right after he pops the question! Here are the top five things you need to secure right after that ring goes on your finger: 1. Choose your date! Deciding on a date with your fiance is one of the most exciting decisions. Now you officially have a countdown! Most people have a time of year or season in mind that they want to get married, but if you have your heart set on a cer

Recipe: Chicken & Apples

Happy Monday everyone! After a weekend away I came home last night and decided to make one of my favorite fall recipes. The best part about it is that my husband, Bjorn, loves this dish too. There is a really sweet back story to this recipe too. Rewind to four years ago when I was still living in mom was visiting and I invited Bjorn over for dinner to meet her for the first time. She made this dish for us and it was so flavorful and memorable that Bjorn still talks about that night every time I make it! I wanted to share the recipe with you all since it has a special meaning in our relationship...who knows, maybe it will for you too! Servings: 2 What you'll need: 1/2 cup canola

Fall Flower Favorites

Just because your wedding is in the fall doesn't mean you can't have beautiful flowers! In my opinion, this just gives you an excuse to incorporate some fun color and texture. I find so many brides shy away from a bold and eclectic bouquet. If done tastefully, it can be a huge conversation piece and look stunning in your photos. Here I have broken down two fun fall bouquets for you to show that a little color never hurt anybody! This bouquet is filled with so much color and texture. The organic composition is a major trend right now and I couldn't love it more! A few fun elements in this bouquet include dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and Queen Anne's lace. I know of so many brides that w

One Year Later

I am reminiscing about our wedding day! Today Bjorn and I celebrate our one year anniversary and I thought it'd be quite appropriate to share some of my favorite photos...and to also brag a little bit about our wedding photographer (and my good friend!), Brett Denfeld from Brett Denfeld Photography! Hurricane Joaquin decided to crash our wedding so I wasn't really sure what to expect when it came to pictures. Bjorn and I had planned to do a first look outside, with a beautiful view of downtown Fredericksburg in the background. Since there was a constant rain the entire day, we had to improvise a bit. We were still able to do our first look outside, but it was under a beautiful covered porch

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