The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid

What does it mean to be a bridesmaid? For me, choosing my bridesmaids came down to those that have been there for me, supported and loved me and my fiance, and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. They are my friends that would be by my side in an instant, and keep me sane and grounded. While being asked to stand by the bride's side is a huge honor, the cost of being a bridesmaid has skyrocketed in recent years. It's a concern so many girls have, so I have broken down the common costs involved with being a bridesmaid just to give you an idea. 1. The Dress It is the bride's choice on what you will wear, and the bridesmaid dresses that are currently trending can range from $100- $

Signature Cocktails

Offering a signature cocktail at your wedding is a great way to bring your personal flair into the reception. This is a great idea if you are opting out of a full service bar (beer, wine, and liquor). You could give your guests the option of beer, wine, and a signature cocktail. It's festive and the possibilities are endless. If you decide to do a Bride's drink and a Groom's drink, try to make them different enough so they cover a wide range of palettes. And remember to give them each an adorable name. :) If you are set on doing one signature drink, perhaps choosing a popular liquor like vodka as the base would better serve your guests. You can even create a cocktail with champagne for a fu

Bridal Nails

Every bride's style is different, even down to which nail color to flaunt on their wedding day. Some want something that will really pop and make a statement while some choose for just a subtle, neutral color for a polished and classic look. I'm sharing five great options for a neutral polished nail for your wedding day. Any of them would be a great choice for that classic look. 1. Sweetheart by OPI A beautiful, sheer color with hints of cream and pink. For a more opaque look, do three coats instead of two. 2. Blushed Petal by Sally Hansen Color Therapy A muted, mauve pink that could still pass as a pretty bridal nail color. Would look really beautiful if your dress had a blush hue to it! 3.

The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Finding the perfect shoe for your wedding day can be tough. The struggle is real when trying to find something cute but also comfortable. The other struggle is finding something that won't break the bank! I've done some research and found some fabulous shoes that are definitely a splurge. I've also found similar looks that have a lot less dollar signs tacked on to the price! 1. A bow on your shoe is such a feminine and elegant statement. Here are two options to consider if you like this look: Kate Spade Ivory Heel: $328.00 Meet Your Matrimony Heel: $99 2. Perhaps you want some glam on your feet by showing off a pair of one of these glitter pumps: Christian Louboutin Iriza Strass Crystal Pump

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