Featured Couple: Amanda & Jay

Tis' the season for LOVE! My friends and clients-Amanda and Jay-are tying the knot on New Year's Eve this year and I wanted to share a little of their love with you here. They are having a fun, cocktail style wedding with hues of blush, gold, and white in the design. Of course New Years is always a party, but what better way to ring in the New Year than a wedding with all your family and friends!? So, everyone! Meet Amanda & Jay: How did you two meet? "Jay and I met at Angry Ale's in Charlotte at a Halloween party. We met on the dance floor and spent the evening dancing together. My roommates and I were having friends over to our house afterwards so Jay and his friends decided to join, He

The Ultimate Guide To: Wedding Invitations

There are many questions involved when it comes to Save the Dates and wedding invitations. "When do I put the invitations in the mail?" "How do I let my guests know I am not inviting children?" I'm sharing my insight on these questions and more so you know all the details and proper etiquette! 1. When do I send out my Save the Dates? Most couples send out a Save the Date so their guests can go ahead and mark their calendars. There isn't a ton of information on them-usually the date, city, the bride and groom's names, and the wedding website. These are typically sent out six to eight months before the wedding. If your wedding happens to fall on or around a holiday, I would suggest sending you

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?!

Last week I not only shared some of the expenses involved with being a bridesmaid, but also how special it is to be one! As a bride, asking your closest friends to be a part of your wedding is a big deal. This is usually one of the first things a bride does after getting engaged, and it's really a time to get creative and have fun! Here are five fun ways to pop the question to your closest gal pals that involve some fun customization: 1. Custom Wine Bottle Labels I love this idea! I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid this way by a dear friend, on mini champagne bottles! If you ask all your bridesmaids together, you can make a toast with your bottles. This one is from LabelWithLove. Check

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