Featured Vendor: Emily Kathryn Designs

Happy Monday everyone! I hope the weekend treated you well and you're off to a productive week. In honor of National Handwriting Day, I just had to blog about a lovely lady that has the most beautiful calligraphy!! Her name is Emily of Emily Kathryn Designs and she so nicely took the time to answer some questions about what she does & share some tips regarding all things paper for weddings. Emily and I are connected through a mutual client who is getting married in Atlanta, GA this fall. She currently resides in Austin, Texas but is an Atlanta native. So without further ado, I give you: Emily! 1. When did your passion for calligraphy begin? I've been passionate about words and handwriting fo

Recipe: Chicken Tortellini Soup

Hey guys! Okay you are probably asking yourself, "Why does this wedding planner randomly post recipes?" Well those who know me know that I love to cook and cook well. Not sharing some of my favorite recipes just seems plain WRONG! And odds are, those of you that read my blog probably need to eat every once and a while, so it's a win-win!! I have my dear friend to thank for this one (CDG)! It's got all the right ingredients and you don't have to feel bad about eating too much of it. No joke, I've made this three times in the last two weeks because it's not only that delicious, it's super easy to make too. I put my own little twist on it to keep it 'light' and still super flavorful. What you'l

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

This is the burning question that so many brides ask. "We can't afford a wedding planner" or "My Aunt is going to coordinate our wedding". I am here to tell you that you cannot afford to not hire a wedding planner and your Aunt is absolutely not going to coordinate your wedding weekend! There are numerous decisions to make when planning a wedding and it's quite daunting to handle all of these decisions yourself. If you have a stressful job that takes up much of your day, if you're having a destination wedding or getting married in a city other than your own, or if you simply are overwhelmed with all the details, hiring a wedding planner is a must. The reasons for hiring a wedding planner is

Wedding Trends for 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope each of you had a blessed and safe holiday. My husband and I were non stop these last two weeks and I cannot believe it's all over and the new year is already underway. And what goes perfectly with the holidays? Getting engaged!! So if you, or someone you know got engaged recently, this is especially for you! I'm sharing some of the fun things that are trending this year for 2017 weddings: 1.Garden Inspired Florals The more greenery, the better. Brides are tending to move away from the mounded, formal look and are going for a more organic, loose, textured feel when it comes to flowers. I went this route with my own wedding at the end of 2015, and I definitel

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