Getting Personal

I am sitting in the airport and finally feel like I have a moment to decompress and relax. I have been so stressed out lately and this next hour before I board my flight is so precious to me and just feels so rare as of late. I have never been one to play the woman card but I'm putting it out there...being a woman is hard. Being an adult is hard. There are so many appointments and commitments filling my days, weeks, and months. Sometimes I feel like a whole week will go by and I'm barely breathing. I work a full time job, run & promote this business, work three side jobs, try to be a good wife, worry constantly about my chronically sick dog, try to keep a clean house, all while trying to mai

Your Perfect Diamond

Are you getting engaged soon!? Do you have a preference on which shape diamond you want or are you leaving that up to your significant other? I'm sharing my three favorite shapes that make for beautiful diamond engagement rings! 1. Marquise I of course love this one because my engagement ring is a marquise! The shape maximizes carat weight, giving you a larger looking diamond. It also makes your finger appear longer and more slender. You can even consider turning the stone and having it set as an 'east-west' diamond like I did. I get SO many compliments on my ring, it's so unique! 2. Radiant This shape can be either a square or rectangular one with trimmed corners, making it a popular choice

A Weekend in the Mountains

Our little family was able to get away for a long weekend back in February. Our dog Cash had just undergone emergency surgery three weeks prior, and we definitely needed a fun time away with friends after dealing with all the stress. Cash was well enough to join us, and we spent the weekend in mountains of Fleetwood, North Carolina. The views were gorgeous, the company was even better, and I can't wait to go back and stay in that awesome house again! We found a man that sold firewood by the truckload and had it delivered on the first night. Then we spent the entire weekend sitting around a bonfire, playing yard games (um have ya'll every played STUMP before?), making s'mores, eating deliciou

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