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The Importance of Registries

Updated: Jan 28

Woo hoo you're engaged!! And now you realize you have SO much to do! One of those being your registry. I find it's important to do this sooner rather than later. You will always be able to add items to your registry, but getting a good base started right away will take a load off. Think about it...family and friends are going to want to start throwing you parties and showers galore. Odds are, people are going to bring a gift to these gatherings and they are going to want to have an idea of what to get you!

You might be thinking, "It feels strange telling people what I want". Trust me on this. The last thing you want to do is NOT create a registry because then Aunt Erma shows up with a bright orange tea kettle for you because she loves orange and has no idea that you despise orange and oh, you don't even drink tea!! Feel me? While it may seem vain to create a list of all the wonderful things you and your fiance want, it is actually incredibly helpful for your guests.

Now I know the big trend now a days is to forego an actual registry and just accept money from your guests to go toward your honeymoon or a house. I absolutely love those ideas, don't get me wrong. However, this can be done in addition to your gift registry. There is just something so special about getting those crystal champagne flutes that you will toast with on your wedding day, and again on every anniversary for the rest of your lives. Or the beautiful monogram napkins that you will use for Christmas dinner every year. When you bring out these sort of timeless pieces each year, you get an automatic reminder of your wedding day and those that love you. Now, make sure you register for a variety of 'everyday' things, with a wide price range, because once you move into that new house of yours it's going to be a life saver having all new towels and bed sheets. But also make sure you register for those conversation pieces that bring back memories of your wedding day. What are some of your favorite things from your registry or things you plan to register for?

Bjorn and I registered at Potterybarn, William Sonoma, Target, and a couple local places in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, where our wedding was held.

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