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Fall Flower Favorites

Updated: Jan 28

Just because your wedding is in the fall doesn't mean you can't have beautiful flowers! In my opinion, this just gives you an excuse to incorporate some fun color and texture. I find so many brides shy away from a bold and eclectic bouquet. If done tastefully, it can be a huge conversation piece and look stunning in your photos. Here I have broken down two fun fall bouquets for you to show that a little color never hurt anybody!

This bouquet is filled with so much color and texture. The organic composition is a major trend right now and I couldn't love it more! A few fun elements in this bouquet include dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and Queen Anne's lace.

I know of so many brides that want peonies in their bouquets, but if they are not in season you could be shelling out the big bucks to have them. Using these ruffly garden roses is a great substitute for peonies, and your guests probably won't notice the difference! Ranunculus also have a beautiful ruffle look to them...and how about those dahlias!? Did you know that you can even get Dinner Plate dahlias!? Having one of those in your bouquet is sure to make a statement. And of course adding greenery foliage gives another great texture to your bouquet.

This bouquet is so FUN and even though it screams fall, it's so different from the first one. You're still seeing that organic composition but there is a lot more color variation in this one. I love the range of greens to pinks, to orange, to yellow, to purples. They even threw some apples in there! I love this idea as they probably incorporated apples in the overall design of the wedding. Some of the other elements in this bouquet include succulents, hypericum berries, calla lillies, seeded eucalyptus, and hanging amaranthus.

Succulents are so fun and really easy to care for. They come in a variety of colors and make a beautiful statement in a bouquet. And aren't hypericum berries just the cutest? These also come in many colors and are available all year long. They even look great in boutonnieres! Callas can be a pretty dramatic flower, and I love how there are just a few in this bouquet to bring in a bright hue. Seeded eucalyptus is one of my favorite foliages to use. It has those awesome seed pods that add another green hue and texture. The leaves are a beautiful blue-green which compliments the succulents so well. And lastly, let's talk about that amaranthus! It does just as it's name promises, it hangs beautifully from a bouquet or table arrangement. But this particular color is so stunning for a fall or winter wedding!

What are some of your favorite flowers for the chilly season? I would have to say out of all of these, dahlias would be my favorite...and if I could have one the size of a dinner plate, even better!

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