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First Things First

Updated: Jan 28

It is so easy for a bride to get carried away and start the planning process by first doing the things she likes, instead of what makes the most sense. For example, there is no need to purchase your dress before securing your date and venue. I wanted to share some tips on prioritizing your time and your responsibilities right after he pops the question! Here are the top five things you need to secure right after that ring goes on your finger:

1. Choose your date!

Deciding on a date with your fiance is one of the most exciting decisions. Now you officially have a countdown! Most people have a time of year or season in mind that they want to get married, but if you have your heart set on a certain venue, you will have to be pretty flexible on your date choice.

2. Hire a wedding planner!

Your wedding planner is going to guide you through all of these responsibilities and keep your wedding on track. Because of their relationship with vendors, they will find you the best deal and steer you away from shady contracts. Planners offer various packages that will fit your specific needs, so even if you are extremely organized, there is a month of or day of package that will take care of all your final details. Keep in mind that if your venue offers a Coordinator, it is their job to make sure that there is toilet paper in the restrooms, or to replace burnt out light bulbs. They will not help you bustle your dress, tell your band when to eat dinner, or pass out sparklers to your guests. Your wedding planner is the one that does all of these things and beyond. You must consider hiring a planner, and most venues will recommend it!

3. Select your ceremony & reception venues.

The venues you love may not be available on the date you want. Keep this in mind and decide what is more important to you. In my personal experience, I wanted a September wedding but the venue we loved was completely booked that month. There was an August date available, and an October date available. I was willing to sacrifice the September wedding to have it at the venue we wanted because that was way more important to us than the date. Keep that in mind when deciding on the two!

4. Secure your photographer.

This is high on my list because a good photographer is some of the best money you'll spend out of your budget. Photographers are one of those vendors that only do one event a day, so booking them right away is a must. Florists or even some catering companies can execute multiple events in a single day, so it's not as imperative to book them right away. A good photographer will have a second shooter and together they will capture every moment of the day. Most photographers will also travel, so if you fall in love with one from another city or state, you're in luck.

5. Choosing your band or DJ.

This is another vendor that will only book one event a day, so you should find one you like right away, and secure them! You can find a great band or DJ through an online company like East Coast Entertainment, or by attending other weddings. My husband and I were lucky in finding our band as we had already seen them at a friend's wedding. We already knew the type of music they played and how they sounded so it was an easy decision. If there is a band or DJ you are interested in, try to find out about an event they are playing at so you can see them play live before making the decision.

Securing these five things right away will be such a huge relief. I find that once these are figured out, you can take a little break and enjoy being engaged...celebrate with a fabulous engagement party!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!! xox

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