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The Ultimate Guide To: Wedding Invitations

Updated: Jan 28

There are many questions involved when it comes to Save the Dates and wedding invitations. "When do I put the invitations in the mail?" "How do I let my guests know I am not inviting children?" I'm sharing my insight on these questions and more so you know all the details and proper etiquette!

1. When do I send out my Save the Dates?

Most couples send out a Save the Date so their guests can go ahead and mark their calendars. There isn't a ton of information on them-usually the date, city, the bride and groom's names, and the wedding website. These are typically sent out six to eight months before the wedding. If your wedding happens to fall on or around a holiday, I would suggest sending your Save the Date out eight or nine months in advance.

2. Do I need to give everyone a plus one?

No you do not. If you have a guest that is not married or in a serious relationship, you do not need to include "and guest" on their invitation. While the thought of giving everyone a plus one is nice, it just isn't always realistic when you're trying to keep a certain final guest count. Your guests should know that if they receive an invitation without "and guest" that they should only RSVP for themselves. If they happen to RSVP for two, politely call them up and explain that you have to stick to the planned guest count and assure them they won't be the only solo guests attending the wedding.

3. How do I let my guests know that kids are not allowed at the wedding?

Make sure you address your invitations correctly-with each person's name and without "and guest" They should know that the invitation is meant specifically for those that are named. You can also include "Adult Only Affair" on the invitation. If you still have guests RSVP with their children's name (and believe me, it will happen), politely call them up and let them know that you hope they can still attend without bringing their children.

4. What's the proper wording for my wedding invitation?

There is no right or wrong way for the wording on your invitation. Family dynamics are all different so whether your parents are together, divorced, deceased, or the same sex, there is a way to word it on your invitation! I found a great site called Invitation Consultants that give examples of each. Check them out here!

5. How will my guests know about the dress code?

Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. If you are having a black tie affair, your invitations should be very formal and traditional with letterpress and calligraphy. If you are having a more casual wedding, go for an invitation with color or even a fun shape. The easiest way to make it clear to your guests is to include a dress code in the lower right hand corner of your invitation-"black tie", "black tie optional", and "cocktail attire" are all acceptable.

6, When should my invitations get sent out?

Invites should go in the mail six to eight weeks before the wedding. This should give guests enough time to make hotel and travel arrangements. If you are having a destination wedding, I suggest sending your invitations out earlier-up to 3 months before the wedding.

7. When should I set the RSVP deadline?

I highly recommend setting your RSVP deadline at least two weeks before the wedding-especially if you are doing 100% seating and escort cards. This will give you enough time to plan your seating chart and create your escort cards or escort display. Also remember that your caterer will need your final guest count a week before the wedding.

I hope this information helps with all your invitation questions!! Thanks for reading, hope you all have a wonderful week. xo

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