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Wedding Trends for 2017

Updated: Jan 28

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope each of you had a blessed and safe holiday. My husband and I were non stop these last two weeks and I cannot believe it's all over and the new year is already underway. And what goes perfectly with the holidays? Getting engaged!! So if you, or someone you know got engaged recently, this is especially for you! I'm sharing some of the fun things that are trending this year for 2017 weddings:

1.Garden Inspired Florals

The more greenery, the better. Brides are tending to move away from the mounded, formal look and are going for a more organic, loose, textured feel when it comes to flowers. I went this route with my own wedding at the end of 2015, and I definitely expect to see it this year as well!

2.Late Night Snacks

I love this trend and am seeing it more and more. You're out on the dance floor, having fun & getting sweaty. All of a sudden, there is a staff member holding a tray of mini sliders or better yet, pizza. YES! Just what you needed! Your guests will love it, and they will be talking about it for a long time to come.

3.Dessert Bar

Traditional wedding cake is still very common, but adding a fun dessert element like doughnuts, cookies, or petite cheesecake bites makes for a fun surprise for your guests. This trend was really apparent in 2016, and I expect it to stick around for a while.

4.Hanging Floral

Why just place a floral centerpiece on a table when you can hang it from the ceiling!? I can definitely see this trend 'hanging' around this year (see what I did there?). Plan to see hanging florals above the dance floor or the bridal party table for a really dramatic focal point. This doesn't come cheap though-tons of labor goes into hanging something like this, and not all venues will allow this type of installation.

5.Flower Crowns

Oh the beautiful, boho flower crown. I don't see this trend going away any time soon. I expect to see brides flaunting these, or even the bridesmaids in lieu of bouquets. And if nothing else, putting a flower crown on your flower girl is the sweetest!!

6. Two Piece Dresses

Whether its a high waist skirt with a crop top, or a removable skirt that comes off for reception, two piece dresses are definitely expected to be seen more. A bride can have a ballgown for ceremony that transforms into a sheath style dress for reception for much less money than having two separate dresses.

7.First Looks

More and more couples are doing first looks. It is something that I will always recommend to my clients for two reasons: 1. It definitely helps out your photographer with timeline. You won't feel so rushed after ceremony, and you can actually ENJOY cocktail hour...whether it's with your guests or privately. 2. A first look is incredibly intimate. With emotions running high, its a beautiful moment to share with your soon to be spouse where you can just hold each other and take it all in.

8.Wedding Planners

That's right, having a wedding planner is ON TREND! More vendors are pushing their clients to hire a planner/coordinator than ever before (woo hoo!). Designing your wedding solely from Pinterest is not going to end well...trust me. Planners have access to more rental and decor options, and they will assist you in having the absolute best wedding with the least amount of stress.

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