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Guest Welcome Bags

Updated: Jan 28

Your wedding weekend has finally arrived! Since you won't physically be there to greet your out of town guests when they arrive at their hotel, a goody bag is a great way to say "Welcome and thank you for being here!!". It's the first thing your guests see that weekend relating to your wedding, so the bags should be fun and represent you and your fiance!

Packaging is everything! Here are four great options for Welcome Bags without breaking the bank:

1.Gold Foil Bags

How cute are these? Simple, chic, and sturdy enough to hold all the goodies you put in!

2.Classic Brown Bag

Ask your calligrapher or a friend to use their skills to write a pretty 'welcome' on the front of the bag. This is a great option for saving money but still having something cute. I wouldn't put too much stuff in these though as they don't hold their shape as well as other bags.

3.Welcome to Our Wedding Totes

Want something a little more sturdy and with some structure? These are a great option for holding items with a little more weight.

4.Gable Boxes

These are a great option if you aren't putting any large, bulky items in your guest's welcome bags. They come in multiple colors and sizes, and you could even customize them by adding a sticker to the side.

Now what to fill these beautiful bags with? Here are some great options to include in your welcome bags that your guests will love:

1.Welcome Note

Always include a warm welcome note in your guest's bags. Express your appreciation that they have made the trip to celebrate your wedding with you! If you have been using a custom logo for all your other paper needs, this would be a good place to utilize it again to make everything cohesive. These cute ones are from Etsy shop, MintyPaperieShop!

2.Homemade Treats

What better way to customize your goody bag than by having something in there that YOU made. Whether it's your favorite chocolate chip cookies, a bar of lavender soap, or a soy candle, including something homemade is a really special touch and can help on keeping the cost per bag low.

3.Local Flare

Think about including something that is a staple of the city you're getting married in. Maybe there is a favorite bakery and you can include a treat from there as well as a business card. Or include a bottle of beer from the local brewery with a custom bottle opener. It's fun to include something relating to the state too, such as Virginia peanuts, Georgia peaches, or Florida oranges!


A local map on pretty card stock is a cute addition to the welcome bags. You could even include a cute 'Top Ten' places to visit in the city you're getting married in! Although it's not necessary (if you have a wedding website, this information will already be stated on there), it just adds a fun, custom aspect to the bag. How cute are these ones from Emily Kathryn Designs!?

5.Hangover Kit

While I don't always find this appropriate or necessary for all welcome bags, it can be a fun thing to add if you know you have a party crowd! Throwing in some packs of Advil and Emergen-C powder will be sure to help your guests recover from a fun night of drinks and dancing.

6.Water Bottles

If the hotel provides water in the refrigerator, odds are your guests will have to pay for them, so they will really appreciate you including a couple bottles of water in their bags. Have fun here and do some cute mini bottles or look into adding custom labels. These labels are from Etsy shop PrintYourParty!

These are just a few fun options to get you started on your Welcome Bags! I tell my brides that while these bags are a lovely idea, they are not mandatory! If your budget allows for them though, you can really have some fun customizing and creating these. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

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