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Guest Book Ideas

Updated: Jan 28

It's very traditional to have a guest book at your wedding. Guests can sign their names, give their address, or even write well wishes for the bride and groom. It's a nice memento for you and your spouse to have and look at years down the road. Nowadays, the traditional guest book has transformed into many different forms...from wall art, to globes, to corn hole...so I'm sharing a few traditional and not-so traditional guest book ideas that are all equally great!

1. The Classic Wedding Guest Book

For the traditional couple: If you want something that will look beautiful on your living room coffee table, this is for you. I adore this one from Artifact Uprising. You can choose what color fabric you want as well as foil color for your names and date. Customize it with photos from your engagement session to create a beautiful guest book/photo book combo.

2. Polaroid Photo Book

Such a great idea for the couple that loves Instagram, or photos in general! You'll need to purchase a Polaroid camera (here) and film so your guests can capture their own photo. Have them paste it into a cute book and sign a sweet message along with it. Be sure to purchase enough film so your guests can take a picture to put in your book, and also one to take home.

3. Vintage Guest Book

For the sentimental couple! We've all heard of passing down a wedding gown or veil from generation to generation, but why not pass down your guest book? How sweet would it be to share the same guest book as your grandmother and mother? If your parent's still have their book, consider using it for your wedding too!

4. Calligraphy Globe Guest Book

For the couple that loves to travel! This is a sweet idea that serves as an equally cute piece of decor in your home after your wedding day. Check out this one from Etsy!

5. Fingerprint Guest Book

I used this idea for a baby shower, and it was such a big hit. How sweet to be able to hang this in your home after your wedding! I found this one on Etsy, but if you already have a calligrapher, see if this is something they can provide for you as well!

6.Corn Hole Guest Book

For the couple who loves to party! A very nontraditional twist on the guest book...corn hole! Custom made with your new monogram and date, have guests sign during the reception. After the wedding, be sure to add an additional clear coat so your guest's names last forever. Check out this cute Etsy shop for some great ones!

These are some great options for your wedding guest book. Keep in mind that it's not required to have one. If you do decide to, pick something that represents you and your significant other...whether it's traditional or not!

Thanks for reading, have a great rest of the week!!


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