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Our Honeymoon: Antigua

Updated: Jan 28

So maybe the best part of getting married is the fact you get to take a fabulous vacation after the party! I absolutely loved planning my wedding, and it was one of the best days of my life, but I was completely exhausted afterwards. Emotionally and physically exhausted. A tropical getaway was exactly what I needed after all that stress. So today I'm sharing a little bit of our honeymoon story with you!

Bjorn and I settled on Antigua as our destination. We got married on October 3, 2015 and we were on a plane two days later heading to the West Indies. We knew a few things before deciding on Antigua: we didn't want a long plane ride, we wanted an all inclusive resort, and we wanted a relaxing beach vacation. Some couples prefer a honeymoon that involves traveling to multiple places. Not us. We wanted to find a paradise and stay there the whole week!

The resort we chose was Coco Bay, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to visit Antigua! We had our own bungalow with a private infinity pool, unlimited access to the bar, private beach access, excursion options, private cabanas, dinner on the beach, and fine dining. The customer service was incredible and I cannot wait to go back!

So enjoy scrolling through some of our honeymoon photos...I hadn't looked at them in a while and they brought back so many happy memories. All photos are thanks to Bjorn (hence why I am in the majority of them!).

Until next time, Antigua. <3 Next week on the blog I'm sharing five fabulous honeymoon destinations! Have a great week!

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