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Your Perfect Diamond

Updated: Jan 28

Are you getting engaged soon!? Do you have a preference on which shape diamond you want or are you leaving that up to your significant other? I'm sharing my three favorite shapes that make for beautiful diamond engagement rings!

1. Marquise

I of course love this one because my engagement ring is a marquise! The shape maximizes carat weight, giving you a larger looking diamond. It also makes your finger appear longer and more slender. You can even consider turning the stone and having it set as an 'east-west' diamond like I did. I get SO many compliments on my ring, it's so unique!

2. Radiant

This shape can be either a square or rectangular one with trimmed corners, making it a popular choice for all jewelry. A radiant cut looks equally beautiful as a solitary stone or with baguette diamonds on either side. I see where it gets it's name :) Don't confuse this cut with the Emerald or Asscher, as those are cut with rectangular facets that give a unique optical appearance. How gorgeous is this stone? And I love the unique gold band paired with it in this photo.

3. Cushion

This shape has been popular for more than a century. Also called 'pillow cut', this stone has rounded corners and larger facets to increase brilliance. It's available in both a square and rectangular shape. It looks stunning by itself or with a pave halo around it like the picture below!

All gorgeous options for engagement rings, and there are so many other choices out there! I'll share more at a later date...until then, have a great week ya'll!! xo

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