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Charleston Trip

Updated: Jan 28

Life has been busy ya'll. The days are just flying by and I have to say, I am feeling so much better since my last post. Can you believe that my dog has gained 7lbs since then? He looks and feels so much healthier. I also received some medical test results back this week basically stating that everything is fine...so there is another huge relief. It's crazy how one or two things can weigh on you and get tangled up in all the good things going on in your life causing everything to seem stressful and chaotic. I am just feeling really grateful and optomistic.

I am looking forward to a fun filled trip to Charleston this weekend to celebrate one of my closest friends. In honor of returning to Charleston I thought I'd share my last trip there from a couple months ago with my mom and aunt. We stayed at the fabulous French Quarter Inn (hello breakfast in bed!), ate the best fried green tomatoes I've ever had, toured beautiful private gardens through the Historic Charleston Foundation, and shopped on King Street. Most of the gardens didn't allow photography, but here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

Some of my favorite things about Charleston: the cobblestone streets, the greenery growing on walls, Spanish moss hanging from the trees, the architecture, and of course...the food <3. Can't wait to be back tomorrow!


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