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Selecting Your Florist

Updated: Jan 28

One of my favorite parts in planning weddings is the flowers. I am by no means an expert on the subject which is why I always encourage my brides to select a florist with the skills and talent to deliver what they want. I'm sharing a few tips on how to select YOUR perfect florist:

1. Figure out your style.

Florists have different styles just like photographers and artists do. Decide what style you want for your wedding and find a florist that shares the same vision. They have most likely been creating that look for a long time and are masters at it. If you long to have a tight, round bouquet, don't hire someone who has a website covered in images of organic, garden style floral arrangements. Odds are they don't prefer to do that type of style, which means they probably won't create the final look that you want.

2. Plan a budget.

Flowers are expensive. There is no way to sugarcoat it. But if you pick the right florist, they will work with you to create your vision with your budget. Consider picking flowers that are in season for a more reasonable price. You need to also realize that flowers in those brighter, more vibrant hues are usually on the more pricey side. Come up with a budget that you'd like to spend on flowers (your planner should let you know if it's realistic or not!) and present it to your florist. Let him or her know your must haves and what you can go without.

3. Share your details.

Before you meet with a florist for the first time, I suggest having a rough guest count, your venue, and your date picked out. It will make the proposal process easier for the florist, and give you a more realistic quote from the get-go. It's a good idea to meet with a florist at least 6 to 8 months before the wedding. Make sure you provide plenty of inspiration photos to your first meeting but keep in mind that some of those 'Pinterest' photos you see may have been photoshopped!

4. Ask the right questions.

Will you be the one arranging my flowers? Will you be on site setting up? How many other weddings/events will you do on my wedding weekend? Am I able to repurpose my ceremony flowers to the reception? Do you have rental supplies (vases, urns, etc) or do I go through a different company? How much of a deposit do you require? These are all great questions and make sure you make a list of everything you want to ask so there are no surprises.

5. Ask for references.

Don't be afraid to ask a florist to give you contacts from previous weddings. That way you can follow up to get their recommendation and see how their own experience was. If you hired a wedding planner than you should be able to use their recommended florist with confidence. Also be sure to read vendor reviews on their website!!

Your flowers really do set the tone for your event, so be sure to consider all of these when deciding on which florist to hire. Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great rest of the week!! Pictures by More Beatty Photography, flowers by Julep Floral, and rentals from Evermore Event Company.

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