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Finding Motivation

Updated: Jan 28

Having a full time job while finding the time to manage & grow my business is a constant struggle. I am always so exhausted when I get home from work because I literally spend my entire day talking to people. By the time I get home I just want a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and crawl into my bed by 9pm. It's so easy to fall into this constant pattern and it leaves me zero time for Sweet Karoline Events. I know this is something that most small business owners struggle with who also work a 9-5 job. I'm sharing three things that keep me motivated to grow my business!

1. Surround yourself with vendor friends.

I have dedicated one day a week to meet with some friends for tea (and pastries!). We talk about our businesses, current affairs, and our personal lives. I look forward to this meeting every single week because when we get together, we inspire each other & push each other to keep striving for what we love. I cannot tell you enough how helpful this has been for me. These girls know exactly what I'm going through because they are experiencing the same struggles. Having a group of people to meet with and bounce ideas off of will be so helpful in your journey too.

2. Write down your goals.

Setting goals and writing them down is the best way to keep focused and reach certain targets. It starts as simple as a daily to do list. You are literally setting small goals for the day that will benefit you and your company. Checking things off your to do list gives you a sense of accomplishment that carries into the next day. Take it to the next level by setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Put them up on your bulletin board so you can see them while you're at your desk. Set them next to your bed so they are the last thing you read before bed and the first thing you read when you wake up. You are more likely to reach your goals if you have them written down, and you read them out loud...it's a proven fact!

3. Make the time to schedule.

As crazy as life gets, it is so important to schedule dedicated time to work on your business. Try to commit two days a week where you put in at least 5 hours of time into the company...whether it's blogging, updating your website, handling client e-mails, or scheduling & attending meetings. Then try to do at least one thing on the other days that will benefit your company...could be something as quick and simple as posting on Instagram. That way, even when your day has been hectic & you feel like you are out of time, you still did something small to advance your business. Schedule these times in advance, and write them down so you stick with them!

I am by no means perfect and follow all of these suggestions all of the time, but I am working towards it. I know that by consistently doing these, I will see a difference in the growth of Sweet Karoline Events. What are some things that you do to stay motivated toward growing your business?

Have a great week everyone! xoxo


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