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Featured Couple: Maggie & David

Updated: Jan 28

It's going to be a beautiful weekend and this beautiful couple is getting married today!! I had to pleasure of meeting Maggie about a year and a half ago while working a styled shoot together. Right away I learned that she is kind, compassionate, extremely funny, and not to mention amazing at what she does: photography. I was so honored when she asked me to be her wedding planner. The past year I have gotten to spend time with her and her fiance David. I have witnessed a sincere love & I"m so happy to be a part of their wedding day!!

With that being said, I'd like you to meet Maggie & David...

1. How did you two meet?

We met through mutual friends in high school. My friends and I were going to a school dance and David was going with one of my friends. She introduced us to him before the dance so we could all get to know each other, and she asked him to bring a friend for me! Two guys walked in and I didn't know who was who, and I was immediately attracted to David! We ended up having more fun at the dance that his actual date!! From there we became Facebook friends and chatted a bit throughout the next year until David asked me out. The rest is history!

2. What is your favorite thing to do together?

We love trying new restaurants in town and taking our dog, Leia, to breweries! Or a day trip to Boone, where I went to school. David visited a lot so we have lots of fond memories there. It's one of our favorite places!

3. Tell us how David proposed!

Earlier last year, David began his citizenship process and we anxiously awaited his interview to finalize everything. Once he finally received his interview he wanted to go on a date to celebrate the night before. He had been traveling that fall and it had been a long time since we had a nice date night. He told me to take the day off and to be ready by a certain time. I took advantage of the day to get my hair cut and my nails done, just to be prepared! While I tried to convince myself that he wasn't going to propose to me that day, I could tell he was so nervous on our way to uptown for the date!! We walked through the city and I was clueless of our destination until I saw that we were going to a cute little park that we'd visited several years earlier. He claimed to be tired and asked to sit down on a bench where he told me why he loved me and wanted to marry me- although neither of us remember what he said! It was at this time that I heard a loud bang in the city, as if something large had fallen, and I look over my shoulder to see the photographer he'd hired for the event! Oops! He quickly turned me back to him, stood me up, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! It was a surreal moment despite knowing the scoop, and I wouldn't change it for the world! And to top it off, he booked an hour session for us immediately following the engagement. It was the perfect way to start the rest of our lives together!

4. What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

Um everything!!! I can't wait to see how everything will come together and to have all of our friends and family there to celebrate! It will be the only time that all of those people are in one place, and that's exciting and surreal! We have people coming from different countries and states and we're just so thankful! But most of all, I'm looking forward to FINALLY calling this man my husband!! After almost 8 years of dating, we made it!!

5. What is next for you two?

We will be honeymooning in Jamaica the week after the wedding and we're both really excited for that! And we've decided that next summer we will be moving back to Winston-Salem to be closer to family. We plan on buying the house in which we will raise our children and settle in my hometown to raise a family, in time ;). We also want to travel to Europe and elsewhere, and enjoy each other's company before we have kids. There's plenty of time when you have a lifetime ahead of you.

Wishing these two a beautiful day today, and a long, happy, loving marriage!!

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